Costa Group teams with iTrazo to launch digital traceability platform for increased consumer engagement.

Australia’s leading avocado grower and marketer, Costa Group, has teamed up with trace technology leaders iTrazo TraceTech to develop a digital traceability platform for their Lovacado avocados.

Launching across major and independent retailers nationally this March, Costa’s Lovacado Shepard avocados, grown in Central Queensland, will have a QR code integrated into the fruit stickers to enhance business supply chain traceability and increase consumer engagement.

Costa Marketing Manager Kylie McKnight said the business was excited to have partnered with iTrazo to integrate the technology into Costa’s Lovacado fruit. 

“This technology will allow us to better understand our farm-to-plate journey and engage with our consumers in a different way,” Ms McKnight said. 

“Once the QR code is scanned by consumers the platform provides us with real-time geolocation data so we can see where the avocado has been purchased, consumed and how far it has travelled from farm.”

In addition to its traceability capabilities, the iTrazo technology provides a platform for Lovacado consumers to rate their avocado, providing Costa with instant feedback on quality, ripeness, appearance and brand awareness. 

The platform also provides consumers with information on the avocado’s provenance, as well as recipe inspiration, avocado health benefits and all-important selecting and storage tips and tricks.

iTrazo CEO Reeanjou Ram said her company was committed to building trust and accountability for Costa’s avocado consumers. 

“The direct consumer communication will enable both the consumer and Costa to exchange information openly,” Reeanjou said.

“TraceTech increases consumer confidence and gives brands the peace of mind that comes from knowing their products arrived at their destination safely, on time and without interference. 

“Costa will further tap into existing farm and process data to provide farm-to-fork transparency while linking marketing and distribution data to enhance and innovate its operations.”

Following the Shepard season, Costa will roll out the iTrazo ADI platform across its far north Queensland grown Lovacado Hass avocados.

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