How our traceability technology works

Every step in the life of a product, asset or service is traced using QR codes, GS1 codes, NFC, RFID, and Internet of Things technology. Your supply chain is tamper-proof and trusted. Providing compatibility with EPCIS (Electronic Product Code Information Services), iTrazo’s traceability solutions can track billions of unique items and events.

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Easy to implement features

Our end-to-end digital traceability platform

When traceability is important to your business, our platform enables full transparency from the brand owner to the eventual consumer.

With the opportunity for increased consumer engagement and strong anti-counterfeiting measures, iTrazo’s traceability technology is the perfect choice for every business that cares about its consumers, supply chain eco-system partners and reputation.

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Active digital identity

Built on industry standards, iTrazo ADI provides unique encrypted keys and configuration for trace devices to enable you to take full control of your supply chain. Product traceability and transparency become a reality with iTrazo.
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Machine learning and artificial intelligence

With the capability to analyse, track and trace events in real-time, the built-in AI and machine-learning capabilities of iTrazo allow you to visualise operational and marketing insights when you need them most – instantly.
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Enterprise connectivity

There’s no need to replace your existing systems. iTrazo enhances your current business practices with simple APIs that allow integration and connectivity for existing hardware, ERP and CRM tools. Scaling is easy, and there are no cost issues or major changes needed for implementation.
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Traceability as a Service (TaaS/SaaS)

TaaS ensures you are always using the latest and most advanced version of our platform. It’s fast to set up, scaled to meet the needs of businesses great and small, and never out of date.

The Benefits

How iTrazo ADI protects your brand

Following every product on its journey from start to end — farm to fork, seed to supplement, vine to glass, ocean to plate, forest to home — our traceability solution guarantees you are always aware of what’s happening at every step of your product’s supply chain.

We help our clients with:

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Product Recalls

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Preventing Counterfeiting

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Quality Assurance

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Data Insights

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Consumer Engagement

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Process Control

Sustainability Claims 1

Sustainability Claims

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ESG Compliance

Regulatory Compliance 1

Regulatory Compliance (Biosecurity, product safety, cross border import/export compliance)

Risk Management 1

Risk Management

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Data sharing and Interoperability

Case Studies

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Costa & iTrazo

Teaming up to deliver fresh avocados to consumers

As Australia’s largest avocado grower and marketer, delivering fresh produce in a pristine condition is vitally important to Costa. To exceed customer’s expectations, they engaged provenance tracking firm iTrazo to make sure quality fruit stayed that way from the farm to the kitchen table

“We had acquired six new avocado farms and demand for our fruit was surging,” Cormac te Kloot, Divisional Manager Avocado & Banana Marketing said. “We knew our produce was great when it left our premises but didn’t know much about our customers’ experience. Was it good for them?”  “We wanted to get closer to direct consumer feedback. “After Covid-19, QR check-in codes were everywhere. We heard about iTrazo, who were working with wine producers to give consumers direct information about their wine and provide an engagement platform whereby consumers could provide producers with direct feedback.” Cormac said they met with iTrazo and briefed them on what data they needed to deliver the highest quality fruit to consumers. “iTrazo built a customised dashboard, so we could see where clusters of our consumers were, what areas had the strongest demand,” he said. The technology has been up and running for three years now and the benefits have been numerous. “Consumers can scan a QR code with their smartphones and rate our avocadoes and they can provide us with a rating of our product, so if there is a problem, we can fix it quickly,” he said. “We go back to our agronomy team to improve the shelf life of the fruit, but we can also see where our fruit is being sold and who our customers are. “We can also engage with consumers, by providing them with the provenance of the fruit, recipes and tips for getting the most out of the fruit.” Cormac said there was scope to broaden iTrazo’s offering to other parts of the business, including bananas, citrus and table grapes. He said iTrazo’s technology enabled Costa to continually improve its offering in a fast-changing environment. “Even if one per cent of consumers provide feedback, that’s enough to gets loads of information about how our avocadoes are doing in the marketplace,” he said. “Consumers are interested in the provenance of products, particularly the Asian market. People want to know where their food is sourced and that it’s been produced ethically.” He recommends iTrazo to other producers. “I recommend the technology. iTrazo are excellent to work with. We like working with people who give us ideas. I definitely recommend iTrazo. We’ve had a really good experience with them. “It’s a competitive market in the Ag space and we value things that will benefit us over our competitors.”

iTrazo & Duaringa

A perfect match, we kid you not

As one of Australia’s largest suppliers of premium goat meat to retail and wholesale butchers, business was in clover for Grassland Goats.
This family-owned farming operation, located in the Western Downs and Southern Downs of Queensland, had originally grown out of the owners’ need to keep vegetation under control. Today it boasts 30,000 head roaming over more than 40,000 acres, supplying local and international markets.

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