Our Story

iTrazo is the business for complete digital traceability

iTrazo are pioneers in traceability technology, with solutions built on a foundation of global compliance and a clear vision that every item can have a fully trackable digital identity. Internal and cross border e-commerce, along with standard value chain channels, have long needed protection against counterfeiting and unauthorised diversions. At iTrazo, we wanted to build a platform to ensure brands could provide product security and gain insights about products and customers.  In 2023, iTrazo became Australia’s first ISO (International Organization for Standardization) certified Traceability Solution provider backing our claim, that our technology products and services are safe, reliable and of highest quality. We are setting consistent benchmarks for businesses and consumers alike, ensuring reliability, building trust, and simplifying choices.
Transparency is key, so in addition to creating world-leading supply chain tracing systems, we needed a means for supply chain eco-system partners to share data and the ability for consumers and businesses to communicate. Our traceability technology allows this direct communication and gives consumers confidence they have received an authentic product simply by scanning a code with their smartphone.
The platform also lets brands interact directly with consumers, whether it’s providing recipe tips, detailing dosage information for pharmaceuticals or providing evidence of sustainability claims.
Strategic partnerships with businesses in specialist sectors have allowed us to improve and expand our offering. From brand owner to consumer, it has always been our vision to enhance security, transparency, accountability and communication for products and services around the world.

Our Team


Our leadership team is driven by Reeanjou Ram the CEO and Founder of iTrazo TraceTech and creator of its award-winning supply chain traceability platform iTrazo ADI. Reeanjou saw the need for supply chain traceability increase dramatically as consumers demanded authenticity and provenance of the products they consumed, while brand owners sought to protect their products and reputations against counterfeiting, safety and sustainability concerns, recalls and product tampering.

Reeanjou leads and drives our strong and exceptional leadership team combined with a highly skilled technical team allowing iTrazo to develop effective and comprehensive traceability technology as powerful as it is user-friendly. Our leadership team brings a forward-thinking philosophy to delivering operational and technological excellence while recognizing a top-performing team is the key to creating customer success stories and lasting satisfaction.

Our Team


iTrazo prides itself on making data collection easy. Our team of 22 (and growing) professional technology specialists – from architects, designers, business analysts and software developers, to data specialists and quality engineers – has custom designed traceability technology to make it easy to use for clients and consumers alike, enhancing communications between producers and consumers. This allows us to stay ahead of our competitors and constantly improve our offering. 

You’ll easily find the insights you need through our online dashboard that presents information simply, clearly, concisely and in a way that enables you to intervene whenever you need to.

Our Partners

Leading relationships that enable complete traceability solutions

With established leading partner relationships, we deliver complete traceability solutions, providing a holistic answer to the problems inherent in supply chain traceability. From food provenance to anti-counterfeiting technology, our ADI system monitors and traces products and assets to ensure brand protection and increase trust.

Our Partners

Effective Partner Relationships

With specialist partners around the world and compliance with global standards, we collect, store and process data effectively, place traceability technology within your manufacturing capability and consistently ensure data security requirements are met.We offer best-in-class solutions to keep your business moving forward, monitoring your value chain and providing proactive insights that let you focus on delivering the best products.We offer best-in-class solutions to keep your business moving forward, monitoring your value chain and providing proactive insights that let you focus on delivering the best products.
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