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iTrazo Tracetech (formerly blockbit solutions) is dedicated to leading the way industries confront digital traceability,we have created iTrazo® our patent digital traceability platform to protect your brand, your revenue and most importantly your consumers.

Right now, most premium brands rely on serialization to protect their brands. To provide complete digital traceability and protect your product, we not only offer serialization but multiple other mechanisms for brand protection, such as IoT sensors, NFC tags, RFID, to keep your products authentic, safe and connected across the digital.

Whether you need to comply with serialization on product traceability, protect brand tampering and counterfeiting or create a trusted relationship with your consumers – We are your one-stop traceability solution partner.

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At iTrazo Tracetech (Blockbit Solutions), we have designed a futuristic traceability platform to enable you to trace your products, services and assets, anytime, anywhere and take full advantage of your data to unleash new, innovative capabilities through powerful analytics insights.

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Internet of Things (IoT)

The idea of content and connected living is changing. It is no longer just about videos, social media and websites. Our home appliances and watches are serving us recipes, news, entertainment and advice. It’s all part of a new, encompassing, connected world – the Internet of things (IoT).

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Digital Identity

Digital identity is critical to everyday business and social transactions. It enables us to interact with billions of users in the digital world.

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This tracebility platform will help stop the spread of COVID-19

FINAL 31.3.20

A real-time location tracking system is acailable now, that police and defence forces could be using to pinpoint Australians that are not doing the right thing with social distancing and delf-isolation.

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5 ways traceability technologies can lead to a safer, more sustainable world

Posted on September 13, 2019

2019 Australian Supply Chain & Logistics Awards

We all know the world is rife with environmental, economic and social problems. What few of us realize is that many of these issues arise because today’s supply chains lack visibility and transparency at every stage of the journey, from raw materials to consumer products.

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