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At iTrazo, we help you unleash the power of technology to keep track of your products along every step of your supply chain.

iTrazo brings real-time product traceability and insights for every item, service or asset made, sold and used by your business. We guarantee trust and transparency at every step.

iTrazo is Australia’s only ISO (International Organization for Standardization) certified Traceability Solution provider, backing our claim, that our technology products and services are safe, reliable and of the highest quality. We are setting consistent benchmarks for businesses and consumers alike, ensuring reliability, building trust, and simplifying choices.

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What is Supply Chain Traceability?

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Supply Chain Traceability is the capacity to identify and track the movement of any part or product across its entire journey into the hands of consumers. It’s an increasingly critical component of modern business practice for myriad reasons – from regulatory requirements to cost efficiencies and growing consumer demand for transparency.
Courtesy of the way digital transformation has reshaped supply chains with a global focus, modern business networks – from vendors and manufacturers to retailers – can stretch across the world. And while this has benefits in terms of meeting consumer demand, it does bring complexity through the unique regulatory, political and even geographic environments that exist in different countries.
To stay abreast of the challenges these differences pose, real-time, transparent information about the movement of supply chain elements has become even more critical. In the past, this information was often only sought reactively – in response to a problem or issue such as compliance – and collated manually. What iTrazo does is allow traceability to be pre-emptive, data-focused, holistic and driven by technology. This supports businesses to, among other things, ensure compliance, adapt quickly to opportunities and issues, streamline inventory, identify potential risks and risk factors, build resilience, and reduce delays and disruptions. It also creates transparency around sustainability in response to increased consumer demand.

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Who We Are

We are in the business of Supply Chain Traceability

iTrazo harnesses technology to grow your business and create certainty for shareholders and clients. We use traceability technology to allow exact, secure monitoring of consumer products, assets or services, from creation to delivery and ultimately consumption. Our mission is to strengthen every link of your supply chain through traceability.
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We are the creators of a world-leading, user-friendly and powerful traceability platform.
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 We are the experts in customising supply chain traceability solutions to unlock business opportunities.
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 We partner with businesses through discovery, design and implementation of supply chain traceability solutions.

Advance your digital traceability with our leading platform

iTrazo ensures complete traceability and accountability using an active digital identity (ADI) for every item. We offer geolocation and traceability solutions with anti-counterfeiting and product security built in.
We let you see who has the chain of custody – a critical element of targeted product recalls – the location of your products, where they have come from and where they go. We give our clients brand protection, trust with eco-system partners and enhanced consumer engagement in one simple package.

iTrazo ADI

iTrazo ADI is our ISO certified traceability platform that incorporates global traceability standards such as EPCIS 2.0, GDPR and integrates with 3rd part applications, IoT sensors and GS1 compliant codes to provide brand protection.
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Detection and Prevention

Our technology is designed to instantly detect product diversion, tampering and counterfeiting actions. This triggers actionable notifications to enable brands to react quickly and resolve the issue.
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Consumer Engagement

We understand transparency is at the core of successful business. With iTrazo, consumers can scan products with their smartphones to launch a secure, encrypted URL that verifies its authenticity and information. Consumers can provide real-time information and feedback while producers can give extra information, for example recipes and serving suggestions for fresh produce; dosage details and contraindications for pharmaceuticals; and application tips and tricks for cosmetic producers.This information can be used to improve the product’s supply chain both for quality maintenance and consumer trust in the brand.
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Product Provenance

Every item is tracked to facilitate complete supply chain traceability. Our software is at the leading edge of supply chain trace technology, giving you the ability to see where a product has been. We use Electronic Product Code Information Services (EPCIS) 2.0 standards to store and analyse billions of pieces of tracking information, giving you real insight into each one of your products.
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Strengthen your Business

Traceability increases customer confidence and gives you the peace of mind that comes from knowing your products arrived at their destination safely, on time and without interference.

How it works

Supply chain traceability has traditionally been difficult to manage, but with our easy-to-use platform, it’s now simple to track any item.

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An integrated data platform

Traceability allows you to capture the key data elements (KDE) and critical trace events (CTEs) from within your supply chain ecosystem. Our platform brings the who, what, when, where, why and how into a single platform.
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The active digital identity (ADI)

Every product, asset or service carries a unique key or identifier secured on iTrazo’s proprietary patented technology for tracking and identification. This can be serialised GS1 codes, QR codes, NFC, RFID, IoT technology or other systems, all integrated within our comprehensive tracing systems.
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The entire journey is logged

At every step, the key data element and critical trace event is captured, integrated, securely logged and stored in our centralised platform. Locations are logged using scan or IoT sensors alongside other metadata to provide an accurate journey outline from point A to point B. Real-time updates keep you informed at every step of your supply chain.
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iTrazo ADI Traceability as a Service platform

Consumers can use their smartphone to scan and track the journey of a product. Brand owners make use of our Traceability as a Service (TaaS) platform which visualises the data within an on-screen dashboard using easy to understand graphs, charts and maps. A direct link between the consumer, eco-system partners and the brand enables direct communication and enhances trust between all parties.
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Regulatory compliance

Traceability is a significant facet of regulatory compliance and risk management. With iTrazo’s traceability technology, suppliers can demonstrate increased compliance – cutting any costs involved with rework – prove appropriate levels of professional diligence and create a foundation for ongoing automation of regulatory workflows.
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Data sharing and interoperability

iTrazo adheres to global standards for data privacy, security and data sharing to support traceability of products. We enable secure access to support the identification, capturing and sharing of traceability data such as the event, master, transactional data. This is further unpinned by our ISO 27001 Certification.

Our Impact

Traceability is useful in an endless array of industries and verticals including :

We are setting consistent benchmarks for businesses and consumers alike, ensuring reliabilitybuilding trust, and simplifying choices.
Regardless of industry, the main value can be seen in the increased trust and profitability inherent in trace technology. While food and prescription medicine provenance is vital, product provenance is essential if producers are to be recognised as dependable, trustworthy and transparent. Traceability provides a real deterrent to counterfeiting and helps to keep products safe, intact and tamper-proof. This is key for the pharmaceutical and health tech industries, where tracing systems and product authentication are essential for keeping people safe.

The Benefits

How iTrazo ADI protects your brand

Following every product on its journey from start to end — farm to fork, seed to supplement, vine to glass, ocean to plate, forest to home — our traceability solution guarantees you are always aware of what’s happening at every step of your product’s supply chain.

We help our clients with:

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Product Recalls

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Preventing Counterfeiting

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Quality Assurance

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Data Insights

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Consumer Engagement

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Process Control

Sustainability Claims 1

Sustainability Claims

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ESG Compliance

Regulatory Compliance 1

Regulatory Compliance (Biosecurity, product safety, cross border import/export compliance)

Risk Management 1

Risk Management

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Data sharing and Interoperability


We know what it takes to bring trust and transparency to your business.
What our clients say:

Donovan Cattle Co & iTrazoHow technology is boosting traceability in feedlots
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Sarah DonovanManager, Duaringa Station
Read More
I was incredibly fortunate to be introduced to Ree from iTrazo. Very quickly, Ree understood the requirements for our business and what would work effectively to make day-to-day data capture and analysis for the feedlot easy. This platform has been instrumental in keeping our feedlot compliant, which has reduced my stress load and will allow us to access more markets in the future due to its transparent nature.
Cormac te KlootDivisional Manager Avocado & Banana Marketing, Costa.
Read More
I definitely recommend iTrazo. They are excellent to work with. We like working with people who give us ideas and we’ve had a really good experience with them. It’s a competitive market in the agriculture space and we value technology and services that will benefit us over our competitors.
Michael BowermanBusiness Manager - Fresh​ Sealord Group Ltd
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It was our pleasure to work with iTrazo food traceability trial. ​ iTrazo’s platform allowed for the easy collation of raw production data in order to provide industry leading end-to-end product traceability. In Petuna’s case, this process started with the production of eggs at our Cressy hatchery and concluded with the dispatch of finished goods from our Devonport processing facility.​​ iTrazo’s solution also delivers transparency to customers via on pack/product consumer interface.​The iTrazo Team have a wealth of industry experience and wasted no time mapping our process to gain an insight into the sector.

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