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iTrazo ADI provides more than the geolocation of an item. Supply chain traceability and insights into business operations unlock enormous amounts of data, in real time, which can be used to improve your products, enhance dialogue with consumers and ensure your products arrive at the end user in pristine condition.

Traceability for every industry

From paddock to plate, or assembly line to store, the importance of tracing every part of the supply chain protects your products, brand and reputation. No matter your industry, the benefits include superior consumer engagement, regulatory compliance and data independence. 

Traceability brings further value to your business offering by identifying avenues to improve your products and their delivery. Communication is enhanced between you, your supply chain partners and your customers, meaning you can deliver even greater transparency for your products and their provenance. Data sharing and interoperability allows for compliance and risk management.

Revolutionizing traceability across various sectors

From food production and supply chains, retail, and manufacturing to healthcare, logistics, and quality control, our traceability product caters to a wide array of industries.
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Consumers want to know how and where their food is produced. Food quality is a major priority – be it organic produce, or food from particular locations or countries. Traceability within the agriculture industry means every seed, grain, fruit, vegetable, and meat product can be traced back to its point of origin. From farm to fork, tracing systems give customers their desired food provenance. Traceability makes it difficult to interfere with the food supply chain and can prevent unwanted cross-border transfer. Not every country has consistent safety standards and being able to easily identify the provenance of products can stop problems before they begin. Traceability technology excels when it matters most.

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Keeping track of assets and ensuring they are safe to use is a constant concern, no matter the industry. By giving every item, a unique identifier to track assets as they move between locations, maintenance and inventory management could not be simpler. You’ll always be able to track down your assets and put an end to misplaced or lost equipment and products. Traceability technology excels when it matters most.

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Banking – Sustainable Finance

Traceability in the banking and finance industry will help address the 5 pillars of sustainable loan process. 
Traceability will make accountability and engagement between the industry and its customer on use of funds for sustainable claims transparent.
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Building and Construction

Traceability in building industry supports sustainable construction practices by facilitating the tracking of environmentally friendly materials, promoting responsible sourcing, and enabling effective waste management and recycling initiatives. By tracking the origin and specifications of materials, traceability helps ensure compliance with quality standards, reducing the risk of counterfeit or substandard products, and improves overall construction quality.
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Fashion and Cosmetics

Today’s consumers are arguably more aware than ever about the products they consume, from ingredients in cosmetics to the country of origin, to the fabrics sourced in clothing and accessories. Adding real-time traceability to primary products, fashion and cosmetics demonstrates your commitment to the demand of increasingly informed and particular consumers. Being able to follow ingredients and raw materials from origin ensures both safety and legitimacy. 

The growing demand for cruelty-free and vegan products, with a clearly identified source and supply chain, is critical in building a dependable relationship with customers. Transparency is vital at every step and iTrazo ADI can deliver.


Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG)

FMCG are an ideal vehicle for traceability technology. Traceability is about more than just product security, provenance and delivery tracking. It gives producers real-time information about how their products are used, by whom, when and where. This lets producers analyze and prosecute critical issues in their supply chain.
These issues can be tracked, enabling businesses to prevent wastage, theft, and counterfeiting, thereby boosting productivity and profits, while building trust with consumers.
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In healthcare, it’s vital that information on a medical device or equipment is freely available to ensure the highest safety standards are maintained. However, it isn’t just the tools of the industry that can be traced – patient records, samples for testing, items to be disposed of and other factors related to the provision of healthcare can also be tracked with iTrazo’s traceability solutions.

Stock levels can be monitored and reordered before items run out. Confirmation that an item has been collected or used, start-to-end tracking for tests and results, and accountability that items have been correctly disposed of are also built into the system.

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The traceability of sustainability is a growing concern as organizations seek to promote responsible business practices and enhance environmental, social, governance (ESG) and economic outcomes in their supply chains. 

With traceability companies can monitor and document every step of the supply chain, ensuring compliance with sustainability standards and regulations. Traceability can further help organizations identify and manage risks associated with environmental, social, and economic issues in their supply chains and business, reducing negative impacts and improving overall sustainability performance.

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Keeping people safe is the No.1 priority for the pharmaceutical industry. With traceability technology, prescription drugs can be tracked from manufacturer to consumer with – anti-counterfeiting protection. Customers enjoy increased peace of mind that the medications they receive are legitimate, tamper-proof and safe for consumption.

Additionally, shelf life, dosage instructions, and other metadata can be stored within the tracing system. With a unified global tracing system, this further improves safety and makes it simple to track unit levels alongside the progress of items through the supply chain.

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