iTrazo becomes Australia’s first and only ISO (International Organization for Standardization) certified Traceability Solution provider.

iTrazo is setting the global standard for traceability technology ensuring that its products and services are safe, reliable and of the highest quality. We are setting consistent benchmarks for businesses and consumers alike, ensuring reliabilitybuilding trust, and simplifying choices.

iTrazo is thrilled to announce its ISO certifications!

In today’s landscape, where data exchange, interoperability, and security are paramount concerns in traceability systems, iTrazo ensures that product quality and data security remain at the forefront of our traceability technology.

Obtaining our ISO certifications was vital to establish credibility and trust amongst our valued customers and partners. It demanded rigorous effort, cost and commitment, but we recognise that this achievement solidifies our dedication to becoming the market leader in supply chain traceability. 

When we started our journey in developing our traceability platform, not only did we commit to ensuring we had the most innovative traceability product in the market but also back our claims said Reeanjou Ram, CEO and Founder of iTrazo. As a result, we embarked on achieving our ISO certifications in 2023 to back our claim. We knew that the ISO certification process will be highly time consuming and costly, yet my team proved to me that we could go through the rigorous audit process without impacting our customers and services. Today I am thrilled to announce that iTrazo has achieved three ISO certifications.
ISO 27001:2022
The scope of the certification covers the following activities: –
The Management System is applicable to: Information Security activities associated iTrazo’s Traceability Platform and custom-built software solutions, design, development, implementation, maintenance and technical support for secure data storage, exchange, and interoperability of supply chain data.
ISO 9001:2015
The Management System is applicable to: Quality management activities associated with iTrazo’s Supply chain Traceability Platform and custom-built software solutions, design, development, implementation, maintenance, technical support, sales, and marketing.

ISO 22005: 2007
The management system is applicable to principles and basic requirements for system design and implementation of traceability in feed and food supply chain.

I cannot thank my team, business partners and customers enough for their support throughout our journey. We are committed to bringing you the best traceability technology.

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