Digital Identity

Digital identity is critical to everyday business and social transactions. It enables us to interact with billions of users in the digital world. We currently receive multiple different ID's such as birth certificate, passport, driver’s licenses, health insurance cards etc; and our personal data is stored in several places, including financial institutions, government agencies, employers, e-commerce,utility companies, subscription services and social network sites.

Many intermediaries could be, and increasingly are, hacked, exploiting their users’ personal information.Traditional identity systems are costly, disjointed, fallible, and hindering innovation and greatercustomer experience.

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Our Digital Identity solution allows users to authenticate and verify the use of their information in real-time and helps organizations expedite and cut costs for identity verification and customer onboarding. Users can verify their accounts through biometric verification, fingerprint or facial recognition, providing additional levels of security.


Power of Digital Identity:

Solution Design & Development

  • Convenience and simplified experience for accessing various services

  • Privacy protection

  • Virtual Identity

  • Control your personal data and mitigate identity theft and fraud

Transform Your Customer Experience

  • Reduced risk and cost of data breach and customer onboarding

  • Compliance with KYC (know your customer)

  • Efficient compliance management and monitoring

  • Rapid and real time onboarding

  • Improved and seamless customer experience

Regulators And Governing Bodies

  • Standardized process

  • Consolidation and control of citizen identities

  • Eliminate fake identities, fraud and money laundering

  • Increased efficiency in compliance control, monitoring and quality

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