The Challenge:

Seafood is a dominant sector in the global food industry and remains one of the fastest growing protein sources consumed worldwide. The industry has a history of food safety and environmental practices that has recently raised concerns among consumers, regulators, and brand owners. While businesses and the industry are addressing these concerns, the industry is undergoing significant transition due to changing global demographics economic factors and a shift in demand, as well as environmental issues sustainability, and illegal, unreported, unregulated fishing.

Companies recognize that transparency and traceability are critical to brand equity, risk mitigation, food safety, and consumer confidence. Yet, global trade and complex value chains make it difficult to consistently identify the origin and history of many seafood products. Seafood often moves very long distances, in and out of multiple ports, and changes hands among various brokers, wholesalers, processors, and retailers before reaching the consumer.

Research and reports into seafood export and imports shows that fraudulent activities can involve substitution of more expensive species with less expensive or illegally fished species, mislabelling of credence values, product adulteration through blending or dilution, use of unapproved enhancements and label counterfeiting.

The Solution:

With iTrazo’s platform and iTrazoKeys (active digital identities), you can easily trace and share your product’s data in real-time. Our platform utilises a range of trace technologies for brand protection and consumer engagement, including IoT, NFC, RFID and Serialisation codes such as QR and datamatrix.

We can help your seafood business build superior understanding and control from ocean to plate by:

  • individually identifying, tracing, and tracking products, cases, pallets, containers, and other assets with an active digital identity
  • automatically capture data with connected trace and scanning technologies
  • employ real time geolocation, anywhere on the globe
  • engage consumers at point of purchase and consumption

The Brand Value and Benefits:

We deliver superior business insights, control and cost reduction through:

  • Improved supply chain optimisation
  • Controlled product recall and spoilage
  • Quality control and reduced spoilage
  • Counterfeit detection
  • Engagement with consumers anywhere in the world to protect and grow brand value and deliver product transparency
  • Real time data insights with advanced analytics using AI and Machine Learning
  • ESG compliance