The Challenge:

2019 saw Australian Beef exports to China up 73% on 2018. The global meat industry has experienced an increased number of food safety problems occurring worldwide in recent years. Food-related scandals have raised concern among consumers for food safety and resulted in distrust of the complex and globalised food production and trading system. Meat producers without a traceability system are extremely vulnerable to these unforeseen issues that may arise, putting them at a severe disadvantage.

With consumers demanding transparency from paddock to plate, implementing traceability along the supply chain is becoming an expected industry standard across the food industry. Companies recognise that transparency and traceability are critical to risk mitigation, food safety, and consumer confidence. Traceability allows meat producers to further differentiate their products, giving them a competitive advantage in a global market, while also allowing them greater access to many international export markets. Furthermore, ensuring that your livestock are traceable enables corrective actions, such as product recall, to be implemented quickly and effectively if any issues arise along the supply chain (e.g. a disease outbreak or product contamination). Traceability can also deter fraudulent labelling by allowing companies to verify claims, such as their products being organic, grass-fed, or raised in a sustainable environment. Producers that provide accurate and verifiable information can build sales as consumers are more willing to trust and continue buying meat products with a traceable history from a brand that offers transparency.

The Solution:

With iTrazo’s platform and iTrazoKeys (active digital identities), you can easily trace and share your product’s data in real-time. Our platform utilises a range of trace technologies for brand protection and consumer engagement, including IoT, NFC, RFID and Serialisation codes such as QR and datamatrix.

We can help your meat business build superior understanding and control from paddock to plate by:

  • Individually identifying, tracing, and tracking products, cases, pallets, containers, and other assets with an active digital identity
  • Automatically capture data with connected trace and scanning technologies
  • Employ real time geolocation, anywhere on the globe
  • Engage consumers at point of purchase and consumption

The Brand Value and Benefits:

We deliver superior business insights, control and cost reduction through:

  • Improved supply chain optimisation
  • Controlled product recall and spoilage
  • Quality control and reduced cost
  • Counterfeit detection
  • Engagement with consumers anywhere in the world to protect and grow brand value and deliver product transparency
  • Real time data insights with advanced analytics using AI and Machine Learning
  • ESG compliance