Traceability for the Fresh Produce

The Covid-19 crisis has undoubtedly impacted the fresh produce industry. Fruit and vegetable imports have declined significantly, and consumers have become more conscious of food safety and quality. These changes indicate the increased demand for more complete information on the safety, quality, and provenance of fresh produce.

Caason Group Press Release

We are very excited to partner with Caason Group to bring paddock-to-plate traceability. iTrazo aims to support Caason’s paddock-to-plate aspirations by providing a source agnostic platform that can then be used for farm management and livestock decision-making, particularly on remote properties such as Aileron Station (Caason’s 4000sqkm NT cattle station).


Returning large crowds to events is the number one challenge facing live venues today. Delivering robust and effective contact tracing is essential. cylent APPLAUSE integrates with existing ticketing systems to track the location of every ticket holder at the event. When a member of the crowd later tests positive to the virus, the system readily identifies ticket holders who came in close proximity, and delivers this information to contact tracers.

Traceability for the Wine Industry

COVID-19 has impacted wine sales globally and with the world in lockdown there are some interesting trends emerging. Wine Intelligence research in Australia, UK, and the USA, has found that regular wine drinkers have “actively engaged” with consumption during lockdown. In the UK and USA, frequency of consumption has increased whilst Australia has remained stable.

Press Release - Ceres Tag and iTrazo

Tracing the movements and health of Cattle in North Queensland from our home offices in Brisbane and Melbourne - Ceres Tag and iTrazo TraceTech. Ceres Tag is the world’s first and only commercial direct to satellite livestock information platform with proprietary smart ear tag for the supply chain network for Biosecurity and provenance.

Our rebranding story - From our humble beginnings to the world of traceability

We are excited to announce that we rebranded with a new name, logo, colour scheme and website. The journey from our humble beginnings as BlockBit Solutions to committing to the world of traceability (TraceTech), has paved the way for the development of our award-winning traceability platform "iTrazo".

Traceability for the meat industry

With consumers demanding transparency from paddock to plate, implementing traceability along the supply chain is becoming an expected industry standard across the food industry. Companies recognise that transparency and traceability are critical to risk mitigation, food safety, and consumer confidence.

Traceability for the seafood industry

Seafood is a dominant sector in the global food industry and remains one of the fastest growing protein sources consumed worldwide. The industry has a history of food safety and environmental practices that has recently raised concerns among consumers, regulators, and brand owners.

Enhancing Australia’s systems for tracing agricultural production and products

A real-time location tracking system is available now, that police and defence forces could be using to pinpoint Australians that are not doing the right thing with social distancing and self-isolation.

Coronavirus: Food consumers will demand more digital traceability, post-Covid-19

Digital traceability is about to move into first place in terms of what food consumers will demand post-Covid-19.

5 ways traceability technologies can lead to a safer, more sustainable world

We all know the world is rife with environmental, economic and social problems. What few of us realize is that many of these issues arise because today’s supply chains lack visibility and transparency at every stage of the journey, from raw materials to consumer products.

BlockBit Solutions – Named Finalist 2019 Australian Supply Chain & Logistics Awards

The Supply Chain & Logistics Association of Australia today ocially announced the finalists for the longest running and most prestigious awards program in the industry. Having served the industry for 58 years, the ASCL Awards are the most recognised and prestigious awards for an individual or a company to receive.

BlockBit wins the 2018 ASCLA Information Technology and Management Award

Information remains the most important requirement of any supply chain. Information technology is where the majority of supply chain improvements have been made. Nominees for this award demonstrate where the use of existing or new technology has provided significant improvements to their management of information and/or their supply chain processes.