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This report has been prepared by a joint Australian Government, state and territory government working group established in 2017 for the purpose of maintaining and advancing Australia’s trade and market access. This approach is to ensure that Australia is well placed to meet trading partners’ future traceability requirements.

Against this backdrop, the development of a national approach to Australia’s agricultural traceability systems was investigated by a Traceability Working Group of representatives from the Australian Government and state and territory governments. The investigation is progressing through a 2-stage project – the National Traceability Project.

This paper delivers key findings from Stage 1 of the project involving the review of existing traceability systems in agricultural production and trade, assessing their performance and identifying global and future drivers for traceability systems. The purpose of Stage 2 will be to design a national traceability policy framework and action plan in collaboration with industry to support future traceability innovations and requirements for a range of domestic and international trade purposes.

For more details, please check Enhancing Australia’s systems for tracing agricultural production and products