Tracing the movements and health of Cattle in North Queensland from our home offices in Brisbane and Melbourne - Ceres Tag and iTrazo TraceTech

Despite the world being in lockdown and the borders closed, Melbourne based iTrazo TraceTech is proud to be part of the exciting developments happening with Brisbane based company Ceres Tag.

Ceres Tag is the world’s first and only commercial direct to satellite livestock information platform with proprietary smart ear tag for the supply chain network for Biosecurity and provenance. The smart ear tag delivers GPS location, health and welfare monitoring and theft detection.


The first round of prototype ear tags have been deployed on cattle at a CSIRO research facility in North Queensland. iTrazo has been able to harvest the data from Ceres Tag though the award winning iTrazo traceability platform and display back the real-time geolocation, temperature, battery life and movement of the cattle.

Ceres Tag COO Lewis Frost was pleased to see the world leading Ceres Tag data represented in a meaningful way that could enhance the operations of farmers through to producers.


Next steps for Ceres Tag is the 3,000 Tag, 8 Country commercial trial later in 2020/early 2021. A range of Farmers, Universities & Industry bodies have already signed up for the trial and iTrazo will be tracking and tracing the data in real-time providing valuable insights for farm and herd management back to the farmers.

Moving forward the combined power of the data collected from the Ceres Tag on the iTrazo platform will allow valuable information to be shared along the supply chain all the way through to the consumer. Farm and supply chain optimisation have direct benefits back to the farmer whilst the ability to engage directly with the consumer showing the provenance and authenticity of the meat disrupts existing and opens new channels to market.

Empowering the farmer through trace technology and connecting with the consumer is the passion and mission of iTrazo TraceTech founders Reeanjou Ram and Paul Whybird.

For more information please contact

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Ceres Tag
Lewis Frost
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