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We are very excited to partner with Caason Group to bring paddock-to-plate traceability. iTrazo aims to support Caason’s paddock-to-plate aspirations by providing a source agnostic platform that can then be used for farm management and livestock decision-making, particularly on remote properties such as Aileron Station (Caason’s 4000sqkm NT cattle station)

iTrazo’s platform includes brand protection against product tampering, counterfeiting and consumer engagement to create trust, which is critical in these challenging times. It also gives organisers of live events a tool to control people movement and contact tracing.

Craig Astill, MD and CEO of Caason Group, said: “We are very excited about the scope of iTrazo’s platfrom. iTrazo’s platform turns every trace technology input into a unique active digital identity for traceability of product, asset, or service. We look forward to sharing further news on our pilot trial projects”.