BlockBit Solutions wins the 2018 ASCLA (Australian Supply Chain & Logistics) Awards for Information Technology and Management.

Information remains the most important requirement of any supply chain. Information technology is where the majority of supply chain improvements have been made. Nominees for this award demonstrate where the use of existing or new technology has provided significant improvements to their management of information and/or their supply chain processes.

Product and Supply chain Traceability is a hot topic right now. Every industry can trace the transfer of money, goods or services. BlockBit has re-invented the supply chain through its emerging technology platform iTrazo, to capture trust. By designing a radically transparent and traceable supply chain, BlockBit harnesses quality data to create an unparalleled system that maps the product journey to answer what’s in it, where it comes from, and who has handled it along the way.

Digital identity is another critical aspect of everyday transactions. With traditional systems things can go wrong i.e. data & identity theft and privacy invasion. BlockBit’s distributed trust model is a new way of managing identities, allowing users to authenticate and verify the use of their information in real-time and helping organizations expedite, cut costs for identity verification and customer onboarding.

Our Traceability Platform iTrazo, leverages state of art technology solutions to deliver unprecedented interoperability and connectivity opportunities to secure access and transaction visibility all the way down through the supply chain.

BlockBit Solutions are driven market disruptors, exploiting state of art emerging technology to unlock business potential for customers in a range of industries and sectors. This includes technologies such as Digital Identity, Blockchain (Distributed Ledger), Internet of Things (IoT), Data Science, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Security with advanced encryption and cryptographic frameworks.

The idea of linking farmers, producers and consumers to information is becoming a key requirement in a consumer driven world where product tampering, counterfeiting and recalls are costly, and consumers want to know every detail about where their product has come from including making sure that the product is authentic, safe to consume, and ethically produced. This is particularly important for Australian and New Zealand businesses and industries looking to sell and protect their produce in the global market and demonstrate environmental compliances.

Extensive research and consultations into current state ‘farmer to fork”, Patient & Animal health, Energy monitoring, Manufacturing, Asset tracking, Recycling Management, Citizen engagement revealed no comprehensive digital solutions. Majority of the current solutions comprise of fragmented, siloed and outdated legacy systems, cobbled together with little interoperability and manual processing. This makes it almost impossible to validate and confirm the origin and history of products, traceability is near impossible, data exposed to fraud and regulatory compliance at risk.

Our answer is iTrazo - the game changing platform. Contact us today to see how your organization can leverage and grow with our award winning Platform!

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Thank you to SCLAA and congratulations to all finalists, FullCRM, Fremantle Ports, iCOS Live, PTV Group, Santos Ltd and Shippit.